Karthigai Somavaram 2015 Dates

Karthigai Somavaram 2015 Dates in Tamil Nadu calendar. The Mondays in the Tamil month of Karthikai are celebrated at Karthika Somavara Vratham. Special poojas including Sangabhishekam (Abhishekam with Conch) are held on Shiva temples on every Monday of Karthigai month. 108 or 1008 Shangu poojas will be arranged in front of Kalasam and Special Homa will be performed.

The dates of the 4 Karthigai Somavaram in 2015 

23 November 2015
30 November 2015
7 December 2015
14 December 2015

This year, Karthigai masam is from 17th November to 16th  December 2015.

Karthigai Somavaram 2015 Dates

Puthenchantha Sree Krishna Temple Valathungal Kollam

Puthenchantha Sree Krishna Temple in Valathungal is located just 2 km from Pallimukku in Kollam. This is a small temple of Lord Krishna Swamy build under a big banyan tree. Usually Lord Ganapahy shrines are found under banyan tree and hence this is one of the few rare temples where Sree Krishna swamy is seen installed.

Kumba Rohini Festival is the most important utsav celebrated in the temple in the Malayalam month of Kumbham (mid February). The 10 days festival usually begins with Palpayasa Pongala on the first day. Pushpabhishekam, Annadahanam and Thiruvabhara Ghosayatra are important events during the festival days.  Ashtami Rohini is another important festival celebrated here.

Puthenchantha Sree Krishna Temple Valathungal Kollam

Currently the temple authorities are collecting donations to build a temple for Puthenchantha Sree Krishnaswamy. Devotees can

Contact Address

Kollam - 691011

Phone: +91 474 2726266

Gandaberunda 2 Headed Mythological Bird

Gandaberunda, also known as Berunda, is said to be a two-headed Hindu mythological bird with magical powers. Said to possess immense strength to deal with the ultimate forces of destruction, Gandaberunda is figured as an intricately sculpted motif in several Hindu temples.

In popular belief 

In order to demonstrate its immense strength, Gandaberunda bird is said to be clutching elephants in his talons and beaks. To clearly depict and read the two-headed bird figure holding snakes in its beak on several Madurai coins, the bird is said to be a gigantic eagle. Sometimes, it is also considered a cross between an eagle and a bird. In several temple of Belur and Karnataka, Gandaberunda bird is worshipped as an incarnation of Vishnu. It is also a physical form of the Narasimha avatar of Mahavishnu. It is said that after the slaying of Hiranyakashipu, Lord Vishnu was so filled with rage that the demi gods feared him. To put an end to his anger and calm him down, Lord Shiva who was the best friend of Narayana, incarnated himself as Sharabha avatar (a beast with a part lion and part eagle body). Vishnu incarnated himself as Gandaberunda out of rage, and Gandaberunda feared Sharabha. So, there was a great struggle that continued for 18 days till Gandaberunda tore apart Sarabha, to calm down.

Gandaberunda 2 Headed Mythological Bird

Official symbol

Found in several temple carvings all over South India, Gandaberunda is the official symbol of the Karnataka state government. Today the royal insignia celebrates 500 years along with the 400 years of Dasara. According to several great historians, Gandaberunda was first used on the Vijayanagar coins. Since then several other Hindu dynasties used the symbol in their coins.

Kalipara Lokambika Temple Neyyar Dam

Kalipara Lokambika Temple in Neyyar Dam, Thiruvananthapuram is an ancient temple located around 2000 ft above sea level. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Lokambika, a form of Mother Goddess. Kalippara temple follows centuries’ old rituals according to gotra traditions.

Lokambika Temple Kalipara Neyyar Dam Trivandrum

The main festival celebrated at Kalipara Temple is Makara Pongala during the Malayalam month of Makaram (January). Pongala to Goddess Lokambika Devi is performed on the first day of Makara masam. In 2016, date of Makara Pongala is on 15th January, Thursday. Devotees also observe Girivalam ritual during the festive occasion. 2016 Girivalam is on January 14.

The temple opens only for evening poojas, usually at 4.30 PM.

Kalipara Lokambika Temple Neyyar Dam

Contact Numbers: +91 9441102054, 9847531325

Kalipara Dam, located behind the temple, is a popular tourist spot.

Variety Images of Hindu Gods

Variety Images of Hindu Gods. Below are some images not seen popularly of Gods and Goddess in Hinduism.

Goddess Padmavati with Lord Venkateswara chain in neck

Om Nama Shivaya 

Uma Maheshwara image with sons Ganapathy and Muruga and Vahanas Nandi and Tiger

Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi Devi visiting Shiva Parvathy at Mount Kailas

Sabarimala Manikanda Swamy - Ayyappan 

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