Sabarimala Online Ticket Booking 2014 Dates Available

Sabarimala Online Booking November 2014 Available Dates. Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa. Sabarimala Temple online darshan queue booking is the facility provided by Kerala Police to help Ayyappa devotees an easy darsan by reserving the date prior to visiting. The darshan is provided on a timely basis and many dates for November are already booked. So act now quickly and get your tickets as soon as possible before the remaining slots get filled.

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Below are the available dates for Sabarimala Darshan Online Booking

22nd November 2014, Saturday - Available Time of Darshan From 9 pm to 10 pm

23 November 2014, Sunday - Time of Darshan From 10 am to 11 am, and From 11 am to 12 am

26th November 2014, Wednesday - Available Time From 11 am to 12 am, and From 12 am to 1 pm

27th November 2014, Thursday - Slot Available only From 12 am to 1 pm

28th November 2014, Friday - Available Time is From 10 am to 11 am, and From 11 am to 12 am

29th November 2014, Saturday - Available Timings From 9 am to 10 am, 10 am to 11 am, 11 am to 12 am, 12 am to 1 pm , 7 pm to 8 pm , 8 pm to 9 pm, and from 9 pm to 10 pm

30th November 2014, Sunday - Darshan Times available are From 9 am to 10 am, 10 am to 11 am, 11 am to 12 am, and From 12 am to 1 pm

Sabarimala Online Ticket Booking 2014 Dates Available

Please note that there is not need to reserve the tickets for darshan. However obtaining an online booking ticket helps you to reach up to Padinettampadi without waiting for the long queue from Saramkuthi. 

Muttarukkal at Kadampuzha Devi Temple

Muttarukkal is an important offering at Kadampuzha Devi Temple in Malappuram, Kerala. Muttarukkal literally means “keeping away obstacles”. The ritual involves breaking of coconuts by the temple priest in front of Goddess Kadampuzha Bhagavathi into two equal halves. Devotees pray before the Goddess to ward of any problems in life and if the coconut is correctly broken into two equal halves, then it is believed that the problems will be removed.

The Mutturakkal offering is being done only in the morning between 05:00 AM and 07:00 AM on weekdays. On Sundays, in addition to the morning time, the Muttarukkal offering is also allowed held between 3:00 PM and 5:45 PM.

Poomoodal is another important offering of the temple. Karthikai day of Vrishchikam month (November – December) is grandly celebrated here. This year Kadampuzha Karthikai Festival is on 5th December 2014.

Muttarukkal at Kadampuzha Devi Temple

About Temple

Kadampuzha Temple is a major pilgrimage center located at Kadampuzha, in Malappuram district of Kerala. The temple is located 3 km north of Vettichira on the highway connecting Kozhikode (Calicut) to Thrissur. The temple is believed to have been consecrated by Sree Adi Sankaracharya.

Madambiyar Kavu Temple is another important shrine located a short distance away from the Kadampuzha.

How to Reach

Angadipuram Railway Station is the major railhead about 23 km from here. Kuttipuram Railway Station and Tirur Railway Station are also nearby. Shornur is another important station located 46 km from Kadampuzha.

18 Hills of Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple

There are 18 Hills in the premises of Sabarimala Shrine of Lord Ayyappa. The number 18 is of great importance in Hinduism. Sabarimala Ayyappa Sannidhanam is surrounded by 18 great hills (known as Ayyappa Poonkavanam) with thick forests, vegetation, and beautiful valleys and streams. Below are the names of 18 Hills associated with Sabarimala Temple.

1) Ponnambalamedu (Ponambalam Medu)
2) Kundall mamala
3) Sundara mamala
4) Nagranezum mala
5) Ingiparakota
6) Karinira mamala

7) Mayiladum mamala
8) Chittambalamala
9) Sripadam mala
10) Pudhusheri mamala
11) Madangga mala
12) Kalkimaleshwara mamala

13) Nelakkal shivamala
14) Thalapara mala
15) Devar mala
16) Kalakatti mala
17) Neelimala
18) Sabariponnmala Sabarimala

Swamyee Saranam Ayyappa ||
Harihara Sudhane Saranam Ayyappa ||

18 Hills of Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple

Sabarimala Sannidhanam 18 Hills

18 Steps of Sabarimala Temple

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