Hindu Gods Rare Images Share and Download

Hindu Gods Rare Images for downloading and sharing. Here are some not so common images of our popular Hinduism Gods

Mahavishnu Mural Painting

Mahavishnu Mural Painting

Colourful image of Lord Ganesha

Colourful image of Lord Ganesha

Sree Narasimha Murty idol decorated with Tulsi leafs and after performing Abishekam

Sree Narasimha Murty idol decorated with Tulsi leafs

Lord Vishnu as Padmanabhaswamy in reclining posture

Lord Vishnu as Padmanabhaswamy in reclining posture

Lord Krishna with his divine flute

Lord Krishna with his divine flute

Ratangarh Mata Temple Durga Madhya Pradesh

Ratangarh Mata Temple holds the shrine of Goddess Durga and is one of the most popular temples of Central India. The temple is located 5 Km from Rampura Village and 55 km from Datia town in Madhya Pradesh. The location factors influence the popularity of the temple immensely. The serene Sindh River located close to the Vindhyanchal Mountains adds a sense of aura and spiritual beauty to Ratan Garh Dhaam.

Significance of Temple

Shree Ratan Garh Temple has got several legends surrounding it. Every year thousands of devotees make it to the temple to visit the holy shrine and receive the blessings of the Goddess who has got great relevance in Hindu spirituality. It is said that Lord Shiva had himself erected the mountain and his Pashwarti flag is found near the temple premises.

Ratangarh Mata Temple Durga Madhya Pradesh

Kunwar Maharaj Temple which lies annexed to the Ratangarh Mata temple is known for devotees visiting to cure snake bites. The specialty of Ratangarh temple lies in its grand location. Besides visiting the temple, one can also get a panoramic view of the places near and far. Legends have it that the temple was erected by Chhatrapati Shivaji after he secured victory over the Mughals.


The festival of Bhai Dooj (next day of Diwali) is celebrated with pomp, lights and rituals. The festival of navratri sees the grandeur of the Goddess and her devotees in all its splendour. Elaborate rituals are carried out and the experience is extremely gratifying. During the festivals occasion, the Ratangarh Mata Temple and the Kunwar Maharaj temple see a deluge of both tourists and devotees from even the remote corners of India.

How to reach

From Dhatia tourists can reach by train. Once at the station, one needs renting a vehicle to take a 48 km ride to the Charokhra village. A recently constructed bridge over the Sindh River gives access to the shrine of the goddess. Tourists from Gwalior can take flights.

Birth and Marriage of Rukmini

Birth and Marriage of Rukmini - the wife of Lord Krishna. Though born of earthly parents, Rukmini was always considered the incarnation of Goddess Lakhsmi (the Hindu god of wealth). She was born at Haridwar and was the princess of the Aryan tribe as per the Vedas. When Rukmini reached Dawrka with Krishna and their marriage took place, the natives of Dwarka were overjoyed to see their Lord married with his supreme wife. Rukhmini was not only his first wife but also his principle wife who took the greatest place among all his other succeeding wives.

Marriage with Krishna

Bhismaka who was Rukmini’s father, was the vassal of the powerful king Jarasandha of Magadha. Though she was in love and completely devoted to Krishna since a very early age, her brother Rukmi who was a friend of the evil King Kansa, was against the alliance as he hated Krishna. Though her parents wanted Rukmini to follow her heart and marry Krishna, Rukmi was against it and wanted Rukmini to marry Shishupal, the prince of Chedi. Rukmini on knowing this, secretly wrote a letter to Krishna asking him to kidnap her on her way to the temple and claim her as his wife. She handed the letter to one of her trusted companions and asked her to take the letter to Krishna in Dwarka. When Krishna received the letter he immediately set out for Vidarbha (place where Rukmini lived) with Balarama. During the fights and kidnapping, Krishna duelled with Rukmi and defeated him. But, on Rukmini’s request he spared his life. Later the couple got married at Madhavpur where we have a temple today in memory of this holy marriage between two divine souls.

Birth and Marriage of Rukmini

Pragat Santoshi Mata Mandir Jodhpur

There are temples devoted to Santoshi Mata all over the country but one of the most popular shrines devoted to Santoshi Mata is located in the city of Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Pragat Santoshi Mata Mandir and it is visited by devotees of Santoshi Mata from all over the world. Santoshi Mata is one of the most revered deities in Hindu Mythology.

Pragat Santoshi Mata Temple has a modern architecture style. Inside the temple, there is a large compound that is surrounded by the temple buildings. The temple compound has a big bell, which is known as Virat Ghant, which has a religious significance. The entire compound is coloured white which reflects the purity and chastity of the shrine.

 Pragat Santoshi Mata Mandir Jodhpur

The Surrounding

The surrounding geography of the place is also quite interesting. There is a hill adjacent to the temple which rises above the temple and it looks like Sheshnaag or the divine snake is giving shade to the Goddess. The temple also has a lake nearby which has a tree which has remained the same all over the years. There is a waterfall nearby where the idol of Lord Shiva is established and worshipped with great devotion. It is believed that Lord Shiva fulfils all the wishes and desires of everyone who prays to him. The temple also has an idol of Hanuman or the monkey god.

Contact Address

Pragat Santoshi Mata Mandir
Krishi Mandi
Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
Temple Phone Number: 0291-2655030

Shri Jagdish Sankhla, President

Pragat Santoshi Mata Mandir Trust Krishi Mandi, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Phone: +91 9672224445, 9414921191, 0291-2655031.

Shri Santosh Kumar Sharma, Temple Priest

Phone: 0291-2655030.

Shri Raja Rahul Sankhla

Phone: +91 9983335999.

Location - How To Reach

The city is located in the city of Jodhpur in the north-western state of Rajasthan in India. Jodhpur is a city which is well known for its Rajput heritage and rich history. Today’s Jodhpur is a modern metropolitan city which has all the modern amenities and also takes pride in being one of the major tourist attractions in India. The city is well connected with almost all the other parts of the country. Jodhpur Railway station is connected to all major railway stations in India through a large number of trains. The temple is located in Lal Sagar area in Jodhpur, which is about 8 kilometres away from the railway station.

Kashyapa Wives and Children

Kashyapa was one of the Saptarishis and is also an acclaimed author who wrote the Kashyapa Samhita. This book is considered a classical reference book on the Ayurvedas, obstetrics and gynecology. Kashyapa is said to be the wish-born-son of Lord Brahma.

Wives and Children

Kashyapa has several wives all of whom were the daughters of Daksha Prajapati. His wives gave him some very popular sons in Hindu mythology. His wives were namely Diti, Aditi, Arishta, Kadru, Vinata Danu, Kalaka, Khasa, Krodhavasa, Muni, Puloma and Somathi. Additionally, he also married Syeni who gave birth to Jatayau, the great bird and also Unmathi who gave birth to Sampati, another gigantic bird. It is interesting to note that rishi Kashyapa’s sons were the pioneers of several tribes. His sons begot by Aditi, went ahed to start the solar dynasty.

Kashyapa Wives and Children

Diti was the mother of Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu. His wife Vinata gave birth to Aruna and Garuda. Kadru and Surasa gave birth to the Naga clan. As per the Bhagvata Purana, Kashyapa also gave birth to the heavenly apsaras with Muni.

Kashyapa and Kashmir

The valley of Kashmir was named after Kashyapa Rishi. The region initially has several lakes called satisaras named after Lord Shiva’s first wife Sati. A demon named Jalodbhav inhabited the lake region. The nagas and pishachas were the two tribes that inhabited this region. The leader of the Nagas, Ananta drained the entire lake to capture the demon. Later he named the lake after his father Kashyapa.

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