Raghupati Ragahav Raja Ram Lyrics – Ram Dhun

Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, also called Ram Dhun, is a popular Hindu devotional Bhajan song addressed to Lord Rama (Ramachander). This beautiful Ram bhajan was the favoruite song of Mahatma Gandhi. Here is the lyrics of Raghupati Ragahav Raja Ram along with devotional bhajan song video sung by Hari Om Sharan.

Raghupati Ragahav Raja Ram Lyrics

Raghupati Ragahav Raja Ram,
Patita Pavana Sita Ram
Sita Ram Sita Ram,
Bhaj Pyare Tu Sita Ram
Ishwara Allah Tere Nam,
Saba Ko Sanmati De Bhagavan

English Meaning of Raghupati Ragahav Raja Ram

Lord Rama, Chief of the house of Raghu,
Uplifters of those who have fallen,
Oh Divine couple Sita and Rama,
Beloved, praise Sita and Rama,
God or Allah is your name, (Means God is referred by different names)
Bless everyone with this wisdom, Lord.

Raghupati Ragahav Raja Ram Video - Hindi Bhajan Song


  1. I sing this song many times but never got to know the lyrics, I am truly bless to find them here so I can pernounce them correctly. Also the Translation helps very well, Thank you!!!

  2. This song is very nice..........

  3. Fantastic bhajan. Generates such wonderful feelings and devotion any time and every time I listen to it.

    Thank you.

  4. The Bhajan is enchanting. Kindled devotion to my Guru

  5. the gods will surrender hearing this song


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