Sri Ramana Maharshi Quotes & Sayings - Sage of Arunachala

Here are some inspirational quotes and sayings by Sri Ramana Maharshi of Sri Ramanasramam, in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. Popularly known as the as 'The Sage of Arunachala', Sri Ramana Maharshi left home at the age of 16 and lived the rest of his life in sacred mountain of Arunachala, where the Annamalaiyar Temple, one of the one of the Pancha Bhoota Sthalams, associated with element “Fire” is located. Though Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teaching where related to Advaita Vedanta and Jnana Yoga, he greatly recommended Bhakti and taught his disciples to focus on the “Self Realization”, which according to him is the fastest path to attain moksha.

Sri Ramana Maharshi Quotes & Sayings

Quotes on Meditation

Meditation depends upon the strength of mind. It must be unceasing even when one is engaged in work. Particular time for it is meant for novices.

Quotes from Upadesa Saaram

The fruit of actions are not everlasting and they pass away. But action leaves behind a seed for further action leading one into the endless ocean of action or ‘karma.’ This is not the way to liberation and it blocks all our spiritual progress.

Quotes on Action

An action which is done with disinterestedness, not motivated by personal gain, and which is surrendered unto the Lord, will purify the mind and lead us to Liberation.


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  1. Whatever is being said by whomsoever is said by God! Is there anything that is not-God?


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