Ucchista Ganapati Form of Ganesha

Ucchista Ganapati is the 8th of the 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. Ucchista Ganapathy means “the lord of blessed offering and the lord of superiority”. This form of Ganesha is depicted in sitting posture with six hands and on the left thigh seated with his Shakti (Devi or Goddess). On his main right hand holds the Japa beads mala (Rudraksha), second holds pomegranate fruit and the third/ upper holds the fresh sprig of paddy. His main left hand hold around his Shakti, second hand hold the Veena and third/upper hand holds blue lotus. The tusk is not curled and Ucchista Ganapathi appears in blue complexion.

Karthika Nakshatra is related to Ucchhishta Ganapathy. Worshipping this form of Lord Ganesh is believed to give the devotees predominance. Lord blesses the devotee success and promotions in work, and superiority in life.

Picture of Ucchista Ganapati Form of Lord Ganesha

Ucchista Ganapati Temples in India

Ucchhishta Ganapati can be worshipped in the famous Rockfort Ucchi Pillayar Temple in Thiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu. Also temples in Chamarajanagar and Nanjangud in Mysore district of Karnataka and Maha Ganapathi Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala has 32 forms of Ganapati sculptures.

Ucchhishta Ganapati Mantra 

Neelabja Dadaimee Veena Shali Gujaksha Sutrakam
Dadahduchishta Namamya Ganeshah Paadu Mechakah!

English Translation and Meaning of Mantra

Ganapati devouring the remnants of the meal. He has six arms. He is blue in colour. His hands show the rosary, the pomegranate, the paddy ear (shalyagra), the nocturnal lotus, the lute (vina); his sixth hand sometimes bears a gunja berry, embraces the goddess. The Ucchista Ganapati trunk is placed on the Goddess's thigh.


  1. Temple is located at Amarnath Mahadev Navgrah Temple, Kila Road Singhodiyon ki bari Jodhpur Rajsthan 342001
    Tel.: 0291 2790900
    Mobile: 9414475505 (Pandit Ajay Dave)

  2. Ucchhishta Ganapati Mantra :

    om hasthi pesasee leekyey swaha; its very small
    mantra but powerful


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