Goddess Svaha Wife of Lord Agni

Goddess Svaha is regarded as the wife of Lord Agni by Hindus and Buddhists. A minor goddess in Hinduism, Swaha was originally a nymph, but became immortal after marrying Agni. Goddess Svaha Devi is invoked during all homam, yagas and yajnas. It is believed that during fire sacrifices and yagnas if the word ‘svaha’ is not uttered, the gods will refuse to accept the offerings. Hence Swaha is given prime importance similar to Lord Agnideva during Yagas and Homams.

Picture of Goddess Svaha Devi, the Wife of Lord Agni

Goddess Svaha is considered to preside over burnt offerings. The literal meaning of the word “svaha” is “so be it”. The body of the goddess is said to comprise of four Vedas and her six limbs are regarded as the 6 Angas of the Vedas.

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