Lord Hayagreeva Dhyana Sloka Lyrics Meaning

Dhyana Sloka of Lord Hayagreeva incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Dhyana Slokas are verses which helps a devotee to bring the image of his/her favourite God in mind for meditation. Below is the lyrics of Dhyana mantra of Lord Hayagriva. The English meaning of Hayagreeva Dhyana Sloka is provided after the lyrics.

Lyrics of Hayagreeva Dhyana Sloka

Vyakhyamudram Kara-Sarasijai Pustakam Sankha-Chakre
Bibhrad-Bhinna-Sphatika-Ruchire Pundarike Nishannah,
Amlana-Srir Amruta-Vishadaih Amsubhih Plavayan Maam
Avirbhuyat Anagha-Mahima Manase Vagadhisah

Picture of Lord Hayagreeva avatar of Mahavishnu

Hayagriva Dhyana Sloka Meaning in English

May my mind be filled with the nectar like,
Cool white rays of that Lord of words,
Who shows the symbol of teaching and interpretation by one hand,
Who holds conch, wheel and book in his other three hands,
Who is seated on a white lotus flower which resembles,
A flower carved out of pure white crystal,
And who is great, brilliant and perennially flawless.

The lyrics and meaning is provided by PR Ramachander

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  1. Sir,

    Lyrics were extracted from Sri Hayagreeva Stotram of Sri Swami Desikan. Not by P.R. Ramachander as mentioned.


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