Mukkoti Ekadasi Festival 2015 on 1st January

Mukkoti Ekadasi is one of the important Ekadasi days dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Mukkoti Ekadasi is also known by other names such as Vaikunta Ekadashi, Swarga Vathil Ekadashi, and Putrada Ekadashi. The festival is observed on Dhanurmas Ekadashi or the eleventh day of Dhanur Masa (December – January). In 2015, Mukkoti Ekadasi date is on 1st January 2015.

Gate of Vaikunta

The main event of Mukkoti Ekadasi is Vaikunta Dwara Darshanam in Lord Vishnu Temples. This is a ritual of having darshan of Mahavishnu through Vaikunta Dwaram or the entrance to heaven. Vaikunta Dwaram (Swarga Vathil or Vaikutna Vasal), which is located on the innermost sanctum at the north side of the temples, is opened only on Mukkoti Ekadasi day. It is believed that having darshan of Vishnu through the Vaikutna Vasal will help to get rid of any sins and attain moksha. Devotees observe Mukkoti Ekadasi fasting and queue up to pass through the gate of heaven.

Vishnu picture for Mukkoti Ekadasi Festival

Mukkoti Ekadasi in Temples

Mukkoti Ekadasi Festival is of great importance to famous Vishnu temples such as Tirupati Balaji Temple, Bhadrachalam Sree Seetha Ramachandra Swamy Temple, Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple, and Srirangam Sri Ranganatha Temple.

The 10 days Teppotsavam Festival at Bhadrachalam Temple in Andhra Pradesh is celebrated during this period.

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