Ladu Baba Temple Bhubaneswar Kainchhi Temple Odisha

Ladu Baba Temple or Kainchhi Temple is a 13th Century Hindu temple located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. The temple is facing towards East. The Sanctum of the temple is empty. However, the sculptural embellishments in the outer walls suggest that the temple was originally dedicated to Lord Siva. According to legends, the deity was rescued and shifted from Ravana’s Lanka to Ekamra Kshetra during the conflagration of Suvarna Lanka on the eve of Rama-Ravana war. The temple is surrounded by Uttaradaraja, Badu Sahi Road in the West and private residential buildings on all other three sides.

Ladu Baba Temple Kainchhi Temple Bhubaneswar Odisha

Ladu Baba Temple Architecture 

The temple is pancharatha having a square Vimana with a frontal porch. The western raha niche enshrines a four-armed Ganapathy image standing over a lotus pedestal. His lower left hand is resting over a parasu and lower right hand is holding an akshya mala while both the upper left and right hands are broken. The image has a Jatamukuta. The trunk of the image is partly broken. There is an ornamented Makara Torana behind the image in the background. At the base of the doorjambs beneath the three sakhas there are two Khakhara Mundi Dwarapalakas niches enshrining Saiva dwarapalakas who hold trident in their left hand. The architrave above the doorjamb is carved with navagrahas, each within a niche and seated in padmasana. The temple is partly buried up to the pabhaga and jangha including the doorjambs. Cracks are seen in the outer walls of the temple due to the growth of vegetations, which facilitates seepage of rain water into the sanctum. The temple is in a dilapidated condition. The temple was repaired by Odisha State Archaeology Department.

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