Prayer When Lighting The Lamp Sanskrit Stotra

Agni or the God of Fire is considered as the one of the greatest Gods by Hindus. Agni, the most important of the Vedic gods, is the mediator between the devotee and the Gods. Agni Deva is the acceptor of sacrifices and all the offerings we made to Fire God (Agni) goes to the deities because Agni Deva acts as a bridge or messages between us and other Gods.

According to the sages, we need to pray this prayer daily when we lit the Lamp

Prayer to Agni Deva (God of Fire)

Shubham Karothi Kalyanam,
Aarogyam, Dhana Sampadam,
Budhi Vruddhi Shatru Vinasaya
Deepa Jyothi Namo Nama


  1. I just love this site. I downloaded many mantras and stotras and listening to them everyday by your kind work. Thank you and pls add more on Durga. I am a Durga Devotee. Thank you again, and may durga devi bless you.

  2. Its a wonderful site .
    I am looking for some Naag mantras ,
    Skand/ kartikeya mantras apart from this kavach on this site .


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