Samudhra Vasane Devi Stotra Daily Hindu Prayers

Samudra Vasane Devi is one of the daily Hindu prayers addressed to the Bhumi Devi. Hindus consider Earth (Bhumi Devi or Bhu Devi) as a Goddess. Bhumi Devi or Bhudevi is the consort of Lord Varaha, one of the 10 Avatars of Lord Maha Vishnu. Hence Hindus consider Bhuma Devi (Earth) as our mother and we need to ask her to pardon befor seeting our foot on her.

This is the daily prayer addressed to Bhumi Devi as soon as one wakes up from bed and before setting his foot on earth.

Hindu Daily Prayer addressed to Bhumi Devi

Samudhra Vasane Devi,
Parvatha Sthana Mandithe,
Vishnu Pathni Namasthubhyam
Pada Sparsam Kshamasva Mae

Meaning of the Prayer

Salutations to the divine wife of Lord Vishnu,
Who is clothed by oceans,
And is adorned prettily by the mountains,
Pardon me mother, for setting my foot on you.



  1. Can you please tell me the origin of this shloka, meaning which scripture it was written in or maybe when approximately it was written?
    Amita bhakta


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