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Here are some more beautiful Athapookalam designs for creating beautiful Onam Pookalam for Onam Celebrations. Athapookalam Pictures (or Photos of Floral Designs). Onam is the annual festival celebrated throughout Kerala with much pomp and splendor.

Onam Festival is celebrated for 10 days starting from Atham nakshatram in the month of Chingam. The 10th day is the main festival known as Thiruonam. On all these ten days of Onam festival children and women prepare Onam Pookalam or Athapookalam design in front of their home to welcome King Mahabali. Onam Pookalam is the beautiful Floral Designs which are created with different beautiful colourful flowers.

Athapookalam resembles the natural rangoli or kolam. Here are some various designs of Atha pookalam (Onapookalam) designs which help you to create a new beautiful Onam Pookalam design in this Onam!

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Onam  - Athapookalam Designs Picture 1

Athapookalam Designs for Onam Photo 2

Onam Pookalam Photos 3

Onam Pookalam Picture 4

Onam Pookalam Images 5 - Floral Designs


  1. This pookalam is better than better for this year onam festival


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