Guga Navami Festival 2021 August 31 in Punjab Haryana

Guga Navami or Goga Naumi is a Hindu festival celebrated on the Navami day in the Bhadrapada month (August). Celebrated on the next day of Sree Krishna Janmashtami, Guga Navami is associated with Guga (Guga Pir), the Snake King. Guga Navami festival is much popular in Punjab and Haryana and some other regions of North India. In 2021, Guga Navami festival falls on August 31.

It is believed that the Guga Pir has supernatural powers and can even cure a person of snakebite. The shrine of Guga is known as “Mari”, which is a cubical building featuring a minaret on each corner and a tomb inside it. Married women perform Guga Navami puja for the health and well being of their children. Guga Navami Vrat is taken by those who do not have children.

Guga Navami Festival in Punjab Haryana

During the Guga Navami festival occasion, people built “chari” which is a structure built using a long bamboo which is beautifully decorated with colored threads, peacock feathers, hand fans, coconut, and a blue flag. The saints take the ‘chari’ around the village in a big procession in which the women and children sing and dance in praise of Guga God. The people in the villages pray for the well being of their family and also give offerings. The procession ends when it reaches the village choupal (village gathering place), where some religious rites will be performed to invoke the blessings of the snake god.

Guga Navami Fairs and Melas are held in several villages in Haryana and Punjab during this occasion.


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