Radhashtami 2021 - Radha Ashtami Festival September 13

Radha Ashtami or Radhashtami is a Hindu festival celebrated as the birthday of Srimati Radha, the principal devotee and divine consort of Lord Krishna. Radha Astami is celebrated on Ashtami thithi (eighth day) in Shukla Paksh during the month of Bhadrapad (August – September). Radha Ashtami falls 15 days after Sri Krishna Jayanati. In 2021, Radhashtami Festival falls on 13 September.

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Radha Ashtami Festival Radhastami

Radha Ashtami Rituals and Celebrations

On Radhastami day, Sri Radha Krishna deities are beautifully decorated with flowers and devotees worship Radha along with Lord Krishna. It must be noted that this is the only day devotees may receive the auspicious darshan of Radha’s lotus feet. All other days Radha Rani’s feet remain covered.

Radha Ashtami festival is popular in North Indian states and is celebrated mainly by Vaishnava sect. Devotees fast on this day, recite Radha Stuthi, and sing Hindu devotional songs of Lord Krishna and Radha. In some places, a feast is also severed which includes the famous Radha Red Plum Chutney (a spicy and delicious chutney).


Radha Rani’s worship is of much importance in Vrindavan situated about 15 km from Mathura where Lord Krishna took birth and lived for over 5000 years ago. Brindavan houses hundreds of temples dedicated to Radha and Krishna.

Radha devi is also known by other names as Radharani (Radha Rani), Radhika, Srimati, Gandharvi, Krishnamayi, Vrndavaneshvari, Vrajrani, and Gokula Taruni.


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