Bantureethi Kolu Carnatic Song Lyrics Meaning

Bantureethi Kolu or Bantu Reethi Kolu is one of the most popular Thyagaraja Krithis loved by Carnatic buffs of all ages. Thyagaraja, most famous for his Pancharatna Krithis, was one of the greatest Indian composers of Carnatic music. Bantureethi Kolu Carnatic song is composed in ragam Hamsa Nadam (Hamsanaadam) and Thalam Aadi (Adi). This Carnatic Devotional Song is from album Gaana Srestam. presents the Bantureethi Kolu song lyrics and video song sung by Bharat Ratna MS Subbulakshmi Amma on a live concert. The meaning of Bantureethi Kolu Carnatic song is provided after the song lyrics.

Bantureethi Kolu Carnatic Song Lyrics - Thyagaraja Krithis Lyrics


Bantu Reeti Kolu Viyavaiyya Raama (Bantureethi)


Tunta Vinti Vaani Modalaina Madaa
Dula Gotti Nela Goola Jeyu Nija


Romanja mane Manu Ghana Kancukamu
Raama Bhaktudanu Mudra Billayu
Raama Naama Manu Vara Khadga Mivi
Raajillu Naiyya Tyaagaraajuni Ke
(Bantu Reethi)

Bantureethi Kolu Carnatic Song Meaning

In this beautiful Bantureethi Kolu Carnatic song, Sri Thyagaraja swamy pleads with Lord Ram to give him the post of a guard for Rama. The symbolic meaning is that he always wants to be in his presence always (Sri Rama's Sannidhi).

In the Anupallavi, Sri Thyagaraja Swamy says that, the guard’s post should be such that he is empowered to destroy all the demons which are Arishadvargas (Arishad Vargas are the six passion of mind, they are Kama - lust, craze, desire; Krodha - anger, hatred; Lobha - greed, miserliness, narrow minded; Moha - delusory emotional attachment; Mada or Ahankara - pride, stubborn mindedness; and Matsarya - envy, jealousy, show or vanity, and pride) and since the guard is empowered to do so, he needs such a guard's post.

In the Caranam, Thyagaraja says he should be blessed with the emblem of Ramabhakti, given a sword called Rama Naama (the name of Rama) to perform his guard's job.

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  1. Great rendition by Sri MS. Quite divine.

  2. Hi,
    One small correction if you do not mind. Many singers make this mistake, for all unknown reasons.

    In sahityam, it is not "Bantu reeti kola viyavayya"; it is "Bantu reeti koluvu eeyavayya"

    Koluvu means seva in Telugu.

    Abhilash Sastry

  3. Koluvu means "Job" sir... I'm sorry it's not seva...

  4. is it Romanja Mane or Manu ? pls clarify

  5. koluvu is right to say seva or job or work

  6. Why don't we get word by word meaning? Many karnatic music lovers are non- Telugu knowing Indians

  7. It's not Romanjamane. It's Romanchamne. Meaning of Romanchamu is joy.

  8. I am from Karnataka, speaking Kannada. I observed the discussion going on regarding the meaning of koluvu. One say, it is Job, The other say, "no, it is seva". I personally feel both are right. Because, a devotee considers his "ANY JOB RELATED TO GOD AS SEVA". Sri Thyagaraja swami, great devotee of Rama might have considered his job as seva. This is my humble feeling.

  9. Sir, I agree with you, when santh Thayagaraja cansidered himself as Rama bhaktha, he is offering non other than Seva. TQ

  10. Bantu means soldier. Saint Tyagaraja is requesting Lord Rama to offer him a post of soldier to fight with enemies called kama, lobha, krodha etc. For that, He is also requesting to provide required ammuniation such as a shield called Romanchamu, an identity tag called Rama bhakta and a sword called Rama namam. In toto he is requesting Lord Rama to free him from the evils mentioned above.


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