Vaikunta Ekadasi at Srirangam Temple 2022

Vaikuntha Ekadasi festival is of great importance at the famous Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam, Tamilnadu, India. Vaikuntha Ekadasi festival is celebrated for twenty one days during Tamil month of Margazhi (December - January), which is divided to two ten days. The first ten days is called Thirumozhi Thirunal or ‘Pagal Pathu’ and the second period of ten days is known as "Thiruvaimozhi Thirunal" or Ra Pathu (rapathu).

Regarded as the Bhooloka Vaikuntam, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is one the 108 Divya Desams of Lord Vishnu. In 2022, Vaikuntha Ekadasi festival at Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is celebrated on 13 January 2022.

Major Highlight of Srirangam Temple Vaikunta Ekadasi

The major attraction of Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Vaikunta Ekadasi festival is that this is the occasion when the Paramapada Vaasal or Swarga Vasal is opened for devotees.

Vaikunta Ekadasi at Srirangam Temple

Vaikunta Ekadasi Celebratations at Sri Ranganathaswamy, Srirangam

On Vaikunta Ekadesi day, Lord Ranganatha proceeds in a procession through Paramapada Vasal and arrives at Thirumamani Mandapam in the thousand pillared hall. This is the major event among all festivals conducted in the Temple. Sri Ranganatha is referred as Sri Rangaraja during the occasion. He conducts his Divine Durbar in that huge hall. Nalayira Dhivyaprabandham (the sacred collection of 4000 verses) is recited throughout the day.  The Lord gets back to the temple late in the night. Devotees observe fast throughout the day and keep vigil during the whole night.


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Importance of Vaikunta Ekadasi



  1. HI
    For how many days will the vaikunta vasal be open starting from 5th?
    I heard that it would be open for 10 days [rapathu], is it true or only 1 day?
    Please reply, we are planning to come to srirangam.


  2. Hi..the paramapadhavasal in Srirangam temple will be open for 10 days .... I have made the visit ..
    Wish u good darshan.

  3. Hi Can any one tell me the address of the above mentioned srirangam temple and the days in which month the temple opens?
    Regards Rajesh, canada.
    Thanks in Advance


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