Veda Vyasa Jayanti 2022 May 14

Veda Vyasa Jayanti or Sage Vyasa Jayanthi is the birth anniversary of Sage Vyasa – the author of famous Hindu epic Mahabharata. Veda Vyasa Jayanti is celebrated on different dates in different parts of India.

In some places in India, Vedavyasa Jayanti falls on the 14th day of Vaishakh month - Vaishkha Shukla Chaturdashi. This is due to the fact that Maharshi Vyasa appeared on different occasion to spread Dharma. The date of 2022 Veda Vyasa Jayanti is on 14 May.

Veda Vyasa is a central and revered figure in Hinduism. Sage Vyasa has compiled and edited the vast volume of Hindu scriptures. Of them the main contributions include the Chaturvedas or the four Vedas; after which he is named as Vedavyasa (which means the one who complied Vedas).

Veda Vyasa Jayanti

Guru Purnima or Vyasa Poornima is another major festival celebrated by Hindus in honour of Vyasa Bhagawan. 


  1. aachaarya devo bhava.
    it is lucky that immense knowledge was distributed equally to all through explaining the science of life.
    the beautiful nature has everything.

    veda vyasaya namostuthe...


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