Karkidaka Masam or Karkataka Month in Kerala Calendar

Karkidaka Masam or Karkatakam month is the last month according to a traditional Kerala Malayalam Calendar. Karkidakam month is celebrated as Ramayana Masam in Kerala. The sacred Hindu epic Ramayan will be read throughout the month in temples as well as homes. Some of the main rituals performed on Karkidaka Masam are Avani Avittam and Karkidaka Vavu Bali and Amritha Lakshmi Vratham. In 2011, Karkidaka Masam begins on 17th July 2011 (Sunday) and ends on 16 August 2011 (Tuesday).

17th July 2011 – 1st Karkidaka 1186

Karkidaka Masam or Karkataka Month in Kerala Calendar

Karkidakam month begins in Kerala calendar
Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple opens for monthly Karkataka Masa Pooja

20th July 2011 – 4th Karkkadakam 1186

Naga Panchami

26th July 2011 – 10th Karkidaka1186

Ekadasi Vrata

28th July 2011 – 12th Karkkadakam 1186


30th July 2011 – 14th Karkkadakam 1186

Karkataka Vavu Baliin Kerala

1st August 2011 - 16th Karkkadakam 1186

Oushadha Sevanam
Amritha Lakshmi Vratham

3rd August 2011 – 18th Karkkadakam 1186

Naga Chathurthi
Varada Chathurthi

04th August 2011 – 19th Karkkadakam 1186

Shasti Vratham
Garuda Panjami

09th August 2011 – 24th Karkkadakam 1186


11th August 2011 – 26th Karkkadakam 1186


12th August 2011 – 27th Karkkadakam 1186

Varalakshmi Vratham

13th August 2011 – 28th Karkkadakam 1186

Pournami or Full Moon Day
Avani Avittam
Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Festival
Nehru Trophy Vallamkali or Boat Race

14th August 2011 – 29th Karkkadakam 1186

Gayathri Japam

Chingam month or Chinga masam is the next month which represents beginning of a new year according to Malayalam calendar.


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