Eight Incarnations of Ganesha from Mudgala Purana

Lord Ganesha has taken numerous incarnations for slaying demons in different yugas. Out of these endless manifestations, there are eight important incarnations of Ganesha as described in Mudgala Purana - a Hindu religious text dedicated to Lord Ganesh. 

Eight Incarnations of Ganesha from Mudgala Purana

These eight incarnations are different from the four incarnations that are described in the Ganesha Purana. God Ganesha is one of the most worshipped Hindu God and is the song of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati

1) Vakratunda

Vakratunda is the first incarnation of Lord Ganesh who is a personification of the form of Brahman. Vakratunda means curved trunk and the purpose of this incarnation is to defeat the demon Matsarasura. His vehicle is a lion. Matsarasura (or Matsara) is symbolized as jealousy and thus Vakratunda is the god who destroys and overcomes the destructive power of jealousy.

Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra Lyrics

2) Ekadanta

Ekadanta, meaning the lord with single tusk, is depicted as an embodiment of the essential nature of Brahman. With the mouse as his vehicle, the lord surmounted the demon Madasura who is symbolized as arrogance.

Eight Incarnations of Lord Ganesha or Ganapathi in Mudgala Purana

3) Mahodara

A mixture of both Vakratunda and Ekadanta, Mahodara (Big Belly) is an embodiment of the wisdom of Brahman. In this incarnation, he defeated the demon Mohasura (symbolizing confusion) and also killed two other demons, Durbuddhi and his son Jnanaari. Mouse is used as his vehicle.

4) Gajavaktra or Gajanana

With the mouse as his vehicle, Lord Ganesh assumed the form of Gajanana to overcome the demon Lobhasura or Lobha (son of Kuber). Gajanana means elephant face and Lobhasura is indicated as greediness.

5) Lambodara

Lambodara is another incarnation of Lord Ganesha. Lambodara means the lord with a big belly. In this incarnation Lord Ganapati defeated Krodha, the demon of anger. This incarnation of Lord Ganesh used mouse as his vehicle. 

6) Vikata

This incarnation of Lord Ganesh was to overcome the demon Kamasura (the demon of desire and lust). In this manifestation Ganesha’s vehicle was a peacock. Vikata literally means the misshapen.

7) Vighnaraja

Vighnaraja means king of obstacles and the purpose of this incarnation is to overcome the demon Mamasura also known as Mamtasur or Mama (the demon of ego and possessiveness). In this incarnation, Ganesha used Sheshnaag or Shesha (a serpent) as his mount.

8) Dhumravarna or Dhoomravarna

Lord Ganesh, in his 8th incarnation as Dhoomravarna, defeated the demon Ahamkarasur, the demon of self-infatuation. The word Aham means the human ego. Horse is the vehicle used by God Ganesha in this incarnation.


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  1. there is one shloka which is very dear to lord ganesh which is nothing but the "ganesh atharva sheersh"god bless everyone


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