Budha Navagraha Planet Mercury

Budha or planet Mercury is one of the Navagrahas in Hindu Vedic Astrology. Planet Budh is the son of Lord Chandra with Tara or Rohini. He is personified with four hands, riding a chariot drawn by lions.  Bhudha three hands hold a sword, shield and a mace respectively and the fourth one is held in the Varada Mudra.

Planet Budha is regarded as the Hindu god of merchandise as well as protector of merchants. Planet Mercury represents research, education, intelligence, science, mathematics and the senses (mainly skin). Wednesday is relevant to him. He rules over three Nakshatras, namely, Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revathi. Planet Mercury is highly beneficial Kanya rashi and its power reduces when seen in Meena rashi.

Picture of Budha or Navagraha Planet Mercury


Color – Green
Metal – Brass
Gemstone – Emerald
Direction – North
Season – Autumn
Element – Earth

Temples of Planet Budha 

Swetharanyeswarar Temple at Thiruvenkadu, one of the 9 Navagraha Temples, is the abode for Bhudha which is located near Poompuhar in Tamilnadu.