What is Sarpa Dosha Effects in Horoscope

Sarpa Dosha or Naga Dosha has acquired a lot of significance astrologically as it is said to be caused due to Sarpa Sapa or curse of the serpents. The origin of Sarpa Dosha is mythic and unexplained in classics. It is said that there is a mystic power of serpents that rule the world. The Sarpa Dosha is explained as it comes from killing the serpents in previous or present life by self or by father or grandfather and not performing the rituals for the same.

Sarpa Dosha in Horoscope

Planetary Combinations in the Birth chart that causes Sarpa Dosha is when Ketu or Rahu is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th or 8th house. Astrologically there are several interpretations for Naga Dosha. Placement of Ketu in the lagna or 1st house is called Mangalya Sarpa Dosha as it causes delay in marriage. Ketu in the 2nd house of the birth chart is called Aayurbhava Sarpa Dosha as it creates longevity problems. Ketu in 11th house is called Putrabhava Sarpa Dosha causing pregnancy related problems.

Sarpa Dosha or Naga Dosha in Astrology and Horoscope

Effects of Sarpa Dosha / Naga Dosha

Some of the major or visible effects of Sarpa Dosha are pointed out below.

1) Delay in marriage
2) Creating problems in family life, sometimes leading to divorce or separation.
3) Delay in getting pregnant
4) Loss of pregnancy leading to abortions
5) Seeing snakes/ serpents in their dreams
6) Lack of prosperity and progress in life
7) Chronic ill-health
8) Contracting skin diseases
9) Facing severe accidents
10) High emotional temperament


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  1. wow... i used to dream about snakes when i was 10 - quite a lot actually... never thought about sarpa dosham. I also got married at 26(not sure if that is late now a days)
    I had a lot of skin problems, i am currently without a job, have had a major accident and i am very emotional too...
    But i do pray and believe in God so I guess it is more of a testing period. :)

  2. The effects of sarppadosham is amazingly true. My father used to kill any snake he come across. We are three sons for him. Well educated, now aging 38,39,40 respectively. Trying for marriage since last 10 years, not happened yet. My second brother have exima (skin decease )

  3. if this sarpa dhosham is there for any person then how to remove that dhosham plz give me reply

    1. Hunt and kill all bloody snakes where ever and when ever you find them. All dosh finished. Na rahega baans na baji mansoori.... Simple.

  4. @ SR Johnson - Even if you are your next 7 or more generations try you cant kill all snakes. Even you cant kill all ants....thinking of killing all snakes is much far ahead man! Better be safe and pray to be safe.

  5. Hi,

    I want to know whether I have sarpa dosa since I used to get snakes in my dream and I got married at 23.... my husband also used to get dream about snakes and within 1.5 years he passed away in major accident. ....

    please help

  6. I have sarpa dosa & my husband has kulik kala sarpa dosa. Is there any remedy for our life

  7. Guys Dhosam will be Dhosam will not possible to rectify. First Astrology will not able to change anything. They can only predict.

  8. I need to understand more about this as I too have been suffering from lot of problems since many years. I want to know who all have been going thru the same things. It gives me a little peace that I'm not the only one. I would like to offer my help to those who are suffering as I know a person who tells what exactly is the solution


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