Kollur Mookambika Temple Pooja Timings

Kollur Sri Mookambika Temple Pooja Timings and Darshan Hours. Sri Mookambika Temple is a famous Goddess Temple situated at Kollur in Karnataka, India. It is believed that this ancient temple was built by Lord Parasurama, one of the avatars of Mahavishnu. Below is the Darshan timings of Kollur Mookambika Temple in Karnataka.

Sri Mookambika Temple Pooja Timings

Morning Darshan Timings 

5.00 AM - Temple Doors Opening
6.30 AM - Pooja Starts
7.15 AM - Danta Dhavan Mangalarati
7.30 AM - Panchamrata Abhisheka
8.00 AM - Morning Mangalarti
8.15 AM - Udaya Bali

Noon Pooja Timings

11.30 AM - Noon Pooja Starts
12.30 PM - Maha Mangalarati
12.45 PM - Noon Bali
1.30 PM - Door Closes

Mookambika Temple Evening Darshan Timings begins at 3.00 PM

Evening Pooja Timings

6.30 PM - Pradosha Pooja Starts
7.15 PM - Turthu Mangalarti
7.30 PM - Salam Mangalarti

Night Pooja Timings

8.00 PM - Bali Mangalarti
8.45 - Kashaya Mangalarti
9.300 - Temple Door Closes

Notice - Pooja Timings are subject to change on festival days and other special pooja days.