Akashiganga Temple Arunachal Pradesh India

Akashiganga Temple is one of the famous Hindu pilgrimage sites in Arunachal Pradesh, India. Akashi Ganga is located just 12 km from Malinithan in West Siang District. According to Hindu Myths, Akashiganga is associated with the story of Shakti Peethas. It is believed that an angry Lord Shiva started performing Shiva Tandava with the dead body of Goddess Sati. To pacify Lord Shiva and to get rid of the attachment for the dead body, Lord Mahavishnu cut the dead body of Goddess Sati in to pieces using Sudarshan Chakra. The head part of Goddess Sati fell at Akashiganga and the place later became an important sacred destination for Shakti worship.

Picture of Akashiganga Temple Arunachal Pradesh India

Sacred Kund at Akashi Ganga Temple

The Sacred Kund is located around 100 meters from the Akashiganga Temple. Devotees need to go downwards through the spiral path that leads to the temple. The major tourist attraction is that from far distance one can see some glittering thing at the Kund. But as one gets closer the shining object disappears. Due to this phenomenon devotees consider it as a holy Kund. Devotees take a holy dip in the sacred pond and it is believed that the Kund has some medicinal value for curing any kind of disease. A bird’s eye view of the sacred Brahmaputra River can be found far below.

The best time to visit Akashiganga in Arunachal Pradesh is from November to February.

How To Reach

Akashiganga Temple can be easily reached by taxi or bus from Malinithan. Akashiganga is 23 km from Likabali, 25km from Along, and 67 km Lilabari.


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