Ekadanta Ganapati 22nd Form Ganesha

Ekadanta Ganapati is the 22nd of Lord Ganesha's 32 forms. As the name suggest Lord Ganesh is revered having a single tusk. In Ekadanta Ganapathi form, the lord appears in blue color complexion with four hands and big belly. His belly which is larger than in other forms signifies the manifestation of the universe within him. On his main right hand holds his just-broken tusk and on the main left hand holds a sweet (Laddu). On the upper right hand holds a japa beads mala (Rudraksha) and the upper left hand holds an axe. It is believed that axe attributes to cut the bond of ignorance.

Anizham (Anuradha) Nakshatra is related to Ekadanta Ganapati. Worshipping Ekadanta form of Ganesha is believed to help devotees concentrate and attain success. The lord appears with single tusk assuring of any sacrifice from the lord to help his devotees. Ekadanta Ganapati idol can be worshipped at famous and ancient Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Maharashtra. There are also numerous Lord Ganesha Temples in India where Ekadanta Ganesha is worshipped.

Picture of Ekadanta Ganapati one of the 32 forms of Ganesha

Ekadanta Ganapati Mantra Lyrics

Lambodaram Shyamatanum Ganesham
Kutaramakshastraja Moordhavagaatram
Saladukkam Dantamadhaha Karabhyam
Vameteraabhyam Cha Dadhaanameede

English Translation and Meaning

The Single Tusk Ganapati”. He has four arms. He is blue in colour. His hands hold a large tusk, a rosary, a hatchet (kuthara) and the small ball of sweets (Laddu).


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