Haridra Ganapati 32 Forms of Lord Ganesh

Haridra Ganapati is the 21st of Lord Ganesha’s 32 forms. In this form the lord is made of turmeric. Haridra Ganapathi appears in bright golden hue complexion and also wears bright golden vestment with four hands. The lord is seated posh royal throne and appears with very calm face. On his main right hand holds his broken tusk and on the main left hand holds his favorite sweet Modaka. On the upper left hand holds a noose and the upper right hand holds an elephant goad. It is believed that the noose is will hold the devotees close and the goad to move them forward.

Picture of Haridra Ganapati Form of Lord Ganesh

Vishakam (Vishakaha) Nakshatra is related to Haridra Ganapati. Worshipping this form of Lord Ganesh is believed to help devotees fulfill their wishes. Also it is believed that keeping an idol made of turmeric in shops and home will bring prosperity and success. Haridra Ganapati idol can be worshipped at Sage Sri Rishyasringa Temple in Sringeri, Karnataka. Also temples in Chamarajanagar and Nanjangud in Mysore district of Karnataka has 32 forms of Ganapati sculptures.

Haridra Ganapati Mantra Lyrics

Haridrabham Caturbahum Haridravadanam Prabhum
Pashamkushadharam Devam Modaka Dantameva Cha
Bhaktabhaya Pradataram Vande Vignavinashanam

English Translation and Meaning

“The golden-colored Ganapati”. He has four arms. He is yellow in colour. His hands hold the single tusk, the elephant goad, the noose and the cake modaka.


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