Important Udupi Sri Krishna Temple Festivals 2023

Important Festivals celebrated at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple in Karnataka. There are numerous festivals celebrated at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple in Karnataka. Some of the major Hindu festivals at Udupi Sri Krishna Matha are mentioned below.

Important Festivals celebrated at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple

Saptotsava or the Seven Utsavas in January

Saptotsava or the seven Utsavas is the annual festival which begins five days prior to Makara Sankramana. This 7 days festival is usually celebrated from 9th January. The most important date is 15th January. 

Sri Madhwa Navami

Shri Madhwa Navami festival day falls on the ninth day of the bright half of the month of Makara (February – March).

Sri Rama Navami

Sri Ram Navami festival at Udupi Krishna Matha falls on the ninth day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra (April).


Vasanthotsava is the spring festival held every year in the month of Chaitra (April).

Picture of Udupi Krishna and Udupi Krishna Math Festival

Bhagirathi Janmadina

During the month of June, a special pooja is conducted in the ‘Bhagirathi Gudi’ in the Madhwa Sarovar.

Sri Krishna Jayanti

Sri Krishna Janmashtami, held annually in the month of August – September, celebrates the divine birth of Lord Krishna.


Chaturmasa Festival or Chatur Masam , meaning four months, refers to a period from the bright half Ekadashi of Ashada to the same day in Kartika Masa. Special Abhishekha to the idol of Shri Krishna is conducted.

Paryaya Festival

Paryaya Festival is one of the major festivals celebrated at Shri Krishna Temple in Udupi. Paryaya festival occurs on the 17th or 18th of January of alternative years and attracts a large number of devotees. The exchange ceremony of the charge of Sri Krishna Mutt is known as Paryaya.

Navarathi Mahotsava

Navratri Festival dedicated to the nine forms of Goddess Durga is another major festival celebrated at Udupi Temple for nine nights and ten days during September – October.

Other Festivals

Other Hindu festivals celebrated at Udupi Shri Krishna Mutt include
  • Narasimha Jayanthi in May
  • Ganesha Chathurthi in August or September
  • Anantha Chathurdhashi
  • Panchami Jagarana Pooja
  • Diwali or Deepavali
  • Laksha Deepotsava
  • Subramanya Shashti
  • Dhanu Pooja
  • Guru Samaradhana
  • Makara Sankranthi
  • Ratha Sapthami
  • Hanuma Jayanthi
  • Naraka Chathurdashi
  • Geetha Jayanthi


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