Krishna Stuti Kasturi Tilakam Lalat Lyrics Video Song

Kasturi Tilakam Lalat Patale is a beautiful Sree Krishna Stuti describing the beauty of Sreekrishna. Below is the lyrics of Lord Krishna bhajan song along with the English meaning.

Kasturi Tilakam Lalat Lyrics Krishna Bhajan 

Kasturi Tilakam Lalat Patale
Vakshah Sthale Kaustubham
Nasagre Varmauktikam Karatale
Venu Kare Kankanam
Sarvange Hari Chandanam Sulalitam
Kanthe Cha Muktavali
Gopastree Parveshtito Vijayate
Gopala Choodamani

Kasturi Tilakam Lalat Patale English Meaning

Oh Shri Krishna ! You have been decorated with Kasturi Tilakam, a beautiful Namam on the smooth forehead.
You have an ornament of Kausthubham on your Vakshasthalam, the seat of Sri Maha Lakshmi (on the chest).
On the nose, You have Nava Mouktikam, another ornament.
On your fingertips, You have a Flute.
You also have a Bracelet on Your wrist.
Your entire body is bedecked with sandalwood paste giving out fragrance.
Your neck too is surrounded by another ornament.
You are the giver of Mukti (salvation) to the lady-cowherds who went rounds and rounds around You.
Oh that Lord, Victory to You -The Ornament to the ornaments of cowherd.

Kasturi Tilakam Lalat Video Song Pandit Jasraj


  1. The explanation given here is good and clear. Thank you very much. How beautiful and handsome lord krihna is!


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