Shanti Stupa Dhauli Hills Bhubaneshwar Orissa

Dhauli Hills is a popular tourist attraction located on the banks of Daya River, about 8 km from Bhubaneshwar, the capital of Orissa, India. This is a hill area with wide open space where King Asoka has made edicts on rocks after the havoc war. As there are rocks cut caves, statues and temples on these hills, it has been a major pilgrim center for centuries. Tourists can enjoy by viewing pillars, stupas and monasteries constructed on these hills. They can also have the marvelous view of sun set and sun rise from Dhauli Hills which is surrounded by endless green paddy fields. Dhauli Giri is assumed to be the war front where Kalinga war was fought by Emperor Asoka. Dhauli Hills can be viewed while traveling from Bhubaneshwar to Puri Jaganath Road.

Picture of Shanti Stupa Dhauli Hills in Bhubaneshwar Orissa

Dhauli hills are very important as far as the people who believe in Buddhism are concerned. Here, there are foot prints of Lord Buddha and the Bodhi tree from where he acquired awareness regarding Buddhism. Dhauli Stupa, also known as Peace Pagoda, founded by Emperor Asoka is the other attraction of these hills. Dhauli Shanti Stupa was later selected by Fujii Guruji as the symbol of peace for the future generation. The proclamation of Buddha which displayed very near to Dhauli Stupa is attracted by many who followed Buddhism. The sculpture of an elephant which can be viewed above the edicts made by Asoka is presumed to be the earliest statue related to Buddhism. After the Kalinga war, Emperor Asoka had done a great deal to create peace and harmony among people by diversifying Buddhism.


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