Uddanda Ganapati Form of Lord Ganesh

Uddanda Ganapati is the 24th of Ganesha’s 32 forms and the lord enforces dharma (Justice).  This is a very rare form and an angry form of Lord Ganesh. His appearance is in red color complexion with third eye and his consort Shakti (Devi) seated on his left thigh. The hands on the lord differs; as there are many picture depicting the lord having 12 hands and there are also pictures showing the lord with 10 hands. On his main right hand holds his broken tusk and on the main left hand holds Ratnakumbha (Pot of Gems). On the other hands holds a blue lily flower, a sugar cane, a mace, lotus flower, sprig of paddy, a pomegranate fruit, a noose, a conch water vessel (kamandalu) and a garland.

Picture of Uddanda Ganapati Form of Lord Ganesh

Moola Nakshatra (Moolam or Mula Constellation) is related to Uddanda Ganapati. Worshipping this form is believed to protect devotees and punishes the wrong.  Uddanda Ganapati idol can be worshipped at the famous Guruvayoor Krishna Temple in Guruvayur, Kerala.

Uddanda Ganapati Mantra Lyrics 

Kalharambuja Bijapuraka Gadadamtekshucapam Sumam
Bibhrano Manikumbhashali Kalashau Pasham Srunim Cabjakam
Gauramgya Ruciraravimda Karaya Devya Samalimgita
Shshonamgashshubhamatanotu Bhajata Muddamdavigneshvarah ||24|| Raktavarnah

English Translation and Meaning

“Ganapati the Unchained”, with his Shakti seated on his left thigh. He has twelve arms. He is red in colour. His hands hold the single tusk, the club, the nocturnal lotus, the noose, the paddy ear, the elephant goad, the washing pot (kamandalu), the sugar-cane bow, the disc, the daylight lotus, the conch and the pomegranate. His trunk is placed on the top or, sometimes, maintains a jewels pot.


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