Trimukha Ganapati Form of Ganesha

Trimukha Ganapati is the 28th of Lord Ganesha’s 32 forms. “Tri” means three and “Mukha” means face, so in this form the lord appears with 3 faces. In Trimukha Ganapati form, the lord appears in red colour complexion seated on the golden lotus with six hands. His main right hand postures Varada Mudra rewarding wishes to his devotees and his main left hand postures Abhaya Mudra giving shelter to his devotees. On his other right hands hold japa beads mala (Rudraksha) and elephant goad. On his other left hands holds a noose and pot full of nectar.

Avittam or Dhanishta Nakshatra is related to Trimukha Ganesh. It is believed that worshipping this form, the lord will look after the welfare and the surroundings of the devotees. Trimukha Ganapati idol can be worshipped in Jagannath Temple in Puri, Orissa.

Trimukha Ganapati Form of Ganesha

Trimukha Ganapati Mantra

Shrumattikshna Shikamkushaksha Varadandakshe Dadhanah Karaih
Pashamsamrutha Purnakumbamabhayam Vame Dadano Muda Pithe
Svarnamayaravimda Vilasatsatkarnika Bhasure Svasinastrimukha
Palasharucironagananah Patunah Raktavarnah

English Translation and Meaning

He carries in two of his right hands a hook which is very sharp and is shining, a rosary and is holding another hand in boon bestowing gesture (varada). He carries in two of his left hands a noose, a urn full of celestial nectar (amruta) and is holding the another hand in gesture of bestowing fearlessness (abhaya). He is seated on shining golden throne with lotus in the center. He has three eyes with elephantine face and he effulgent like the flame of forest flower (bastard teak/butea frondosa). May such Trimuka Ganapati protect us.


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