Tourist Places in Chitrakoot

Famous tourist places in Chitrakoot region located in the northern Vindhya Range of mountains which spreads in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in India. Chitrakuta literally means ‘Hills Of Many Wonders’ and is well known for a number of temples and sites mentioned in Hindu scriptures. Below are some of the popular tourist attractions and places to see in Chitrakoot.

Places to visit in Chitrakoot

Ram Ghat

These are extended long steps built on the banks of Mandakini River. Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman believed to have lived here during their exile.

Hanuman Dhara

This is a magnificent shrine of Lord Hanuman which locates about 5 km away from Ram Ghat. The idol of Anjaneya is found covered by steep flow of water in the River.


Kamadgiri is a bow shaped mountain with dense forest. It is assumed that the mountain is hollow with a lake inside. The rain water which accumulates in the mountain and lake comes out as 360 springs.

Janki Kund 

Janki Kund is an extension of Mandakini River with numerous steps on the left bank. It is said that the foot prints seen here are that of Sita.

Sphatik Shila 

This is a forest region found on the banks of Mandakini River which locates a few kilometers away from Janki Kund. The foot impressions viewed in this region are believed to be that of Rama.

Sati Anasuya Ashrama 

This ashram is in the midst of thick forest and also on the banks of Mandakini River. This is about 16 km away from Chitrakoot town. It is said that Maharshi Atri had lived here with his wife Anasuya and three sons.

Gupt Godavari 

This is a cave which locates 19 km south of Ram Ghat. It is believed that river Godavari originates from the rocks inside the cave.

Hanuman Statue Ramghat Chitrakoot Tourist Places

Param Kutir 

Param Kutir is a cottage built by Laxman on behalf of Rama and his wife Sita. This hut was constructed with bamboo and jungle leaves. There is one temple near to this cottage.

Bharat Milap Mandir 

Bharat Milap Mandir is located next to Param Kutir. This was the location where Bharat came to meet Lord Rama in the forest. Feet impressions of both of them can be seen here even now.

Bharat Koop

This is a huge well in Bharatpur village which locates about 50 km west of Chitrakoot. It is believed that Bharat poured the holy water in this well which he had brought to sanctify his brother Rama.

How to Reach Chitrakoot 

Located on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Chitrakut  is around 132 km south of Allahabad. There are numerous bus services which connects Chitrakoot from Allahabad, Satna, Mahoba, and Jhansi.

The nearest airports are at Khajuraho (175 km) and Varanasi (260 km).

Chitrakoot (Chitrakut) Dhama Karvi Railway Station, on the Jhansi-Manikpur railway line, is the nearest railway station, around 10 km from Chitrakut.


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