Badava Linga Hampi

Badava Linga is a 9 ft tall Shiva Linga located near Lakshmi Narasimha Statue in Hampi, Karnataka. This monolithic Shivling is carved out of a single black stone and is the tallest of all Shiva Lingas in Hampi. Also known as Badaviling Temple, the inner sanctum has no ceiling and the Shiva Linga is always submerged in water since an ancient channel passes through this temple. The central median line or Somasutra of Badva Linga has the three eyed mark drawn in line carving representing Lord Tryambaka the three-eyed Lord Shiva. 

Badava Linga shrine is open on all days and the magnificent view of the huge Shivalinga idol is worth visiting.

Badava Linga Hampi Badaviling Temple

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