Lokanarkavu Temple Festivals

Lokanarkavu Temple is a famous Goddess Durga temple located 4 km from Vatakara in Kozhikode District of Kerala. though popularly known as Lokanarkavu Bhagavathi Temple, the temple complex has three main shrines dedicated to Goddess Durga, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. 

Lokanarkavu Utsavam is the main festival of the Lokanarkavu Temple, which lasts for 41 days. The festival is held during the Malayalam month of Vrischikam (mid November to mid December). It is locally known as Mandalavilakku Festival or Mandala Utsavam. The unique feature of the festival is that it is only here a folk dance called Thacholikali is performed during the temple festival. Thacholikali is similar to the traditional martial art form called Kalarippayattu. Large numbers of people from various places flock here to see this festival. Another attraction is that all the lamps on the walls of the Lokanarkavu Bhaghawathi Temple are lit on the occasion.

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Meenam Festival

Meenam Festival at Lokanarkavu Temple is celebrated for eight days with Kodiyettam (flag hoisting) on the Rohini day and the Arattu (holy bath) on the Pooram day. The traditional dance performance of Theyyambadi Kurup is the special attraction on the fifth and the sixth days. On the seventh day is the Nadu Valam Vekka and Pallivetta (holy hunt). On the Pooram day is the Poorappattu and Poorakkali (a traditional dance ritual performed by men). Poorakali, conducted during night, is a fascinating event. Poorappattu includes theme from the life history of the Goddess. The idol of the goddess is taken for Arattu on the Pooram day.

Lokanarkavu Temple Festivals


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