Sapta Badri Temples

Sapta Badri Temples are the 7 sacred Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu situated in the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India. The first among them is the famous Badrinath Temple popularly known as Badrinarayan Temple or Badri-vishal. The temple situated along the Alaknanda river, in the hill town of Badrinath is one among the four Char Dham pilgrimage destinations.

The other six Badri Temples are

1) Adi Badri Mandir
2) Vridha Badri
3) Dhyan Badri
4) Ardha Badri
5) Bhavishya Badri
6) Yogadhayan Badri

Adi Badri Temple is located 3 km from Chandpur fort or Garhi located on the hilltop.

Vriddha Badri Temple, also spelled Bridha Badri, is situated in Animath village around 7 km from Joshimath on the Rishikesh – Joshimath – Badrinath road.

Dhyan Badri Temple is located just 2 km from Kalpeshwar Temple of Shiva. The temple lies in the Urgam valley on the banks of river Alaknanda.

Ardha Badri Temple is situated on the Joshimath – Tapovan road in a remote village and can only be accessed by trekking.

Bhavishya Badri Temple, also spelled Bhabisya Badri, is located 17 km from Joshimath in Subhain village.

Yogadhayan Badri Temple, also known as Yoga Badri, is an ancient temple located close to Govind Ghat at Pandukeshwar.

Sometimes Narasingh Badri Temple dedicated to Lord Narasimha is included in the Sapta Badri temples list.

Adi Badri Temple one of Sapta Badri Temples


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