Sarpabali Pooja

Sarpabali is a Hindu ritual of worshipping Lord Nagaraja on Ashlesha nakshatra or Ayyilyam star. Sarpa Bali is mainly performed to appease Ashta Nagas and ward off evil effects of Sarpa Dosha and Dhristi Dosha. The pooja also helps to get rid of skin problems. It is believed that offering Sarpa Bali poojas at Snake Temples helps to find suitable life partners for unmarried girls/boys; progeny for those having trouble with pregnancy; get rid of incurable diseases.

According to ancient scriptures, the displeasure of Nagas will result in skin diseases, incurable diseases, late marriages, untimely abortion, belated pregnancy, eye diseases, births or defective children and dispute among family members. The displeasure of Nagas are caused due to destruction of Sarpa Kavu (meaning Abode of Snakes) in many ancient families. Performing Sarpabali ritual with devotion is the best remedies to above mentioned problems.

Sarpabali Pooja Snake Worship

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  1. I am in Hyderabad. I want a pooja. How I can remit the money and without coming over there get the prasadam

  2. In Kerala we had yesterday, that only happens once in 5 years


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