Story of Brahmapureeswarar Temple

Brahmapureeswarar Temple in Tirupattur, Tamil Nadu is one of the famous Lord Brahma temples in India. The main deity here is Lord Shiva known as Brahmapureeswarar. The idol of Lord Brahma is enshrined in a meditative pose sitting in Padmasana on a lotus. The temple is famous for the 12 Shiva Lingas installed by Lord Brahma. Read the story of Brahmapureeswarar Temple below.

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Temple Legend

Mythological references say that Lord Brahma had a great pride that He was the ultimate God as He was the Creator. This overwhelming pride provoked Lord Shiva and destroyed the Fifth Head of Lord Brahma and cursed Him that He would lose all His power of Creation. Lord Brahma to get relief from this curse took a pilgrimage to all Shiva temples. During this pilgrimage Lord Brahma visited Brahmapureswarar Temple and installed 12 Shiva lingams around the shrine to perform Shiva Pooja.

Goddess Parvathi pleased by Lord Brahma’s prayers appealed to Lord Shiva to give him Darshan. Lord Shiva gave Brahma Darshan under the Magizha tree and liberated Him from the curse and gave back His power and responsibility of creation of the Universe. He also blessed Lord Brahma that He would have a separate shrine at this temple and since His destiny was rewritten here, he could rewrite the destiny of His devotees also.

Brahmapureeswarar Temple of Brahma Tamilnadu


  1. This Temple is situated near Tiruchirappalli Chennai National Highway, 5 km.before Samayapuram Mariyamman Temple.
    Sakthi vikatan bi-monthly Tamil issue has published the full detailed history, some times before. Interested people can get the details from the Vikatan Publishers, Chennai 600002 or through their website:
    Mrs.Rajeswari Mathi, Chennai 600015.
    August 08, 2013.

  2. Thanks for the information Mathi Sir.

    You can find Temple location, history and pooja information here



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