Story of Dharmasthala Temple Karnataka

Story of Dharmasthala Temple in Karnataka. The temple, also known Kadri Manjunatha Temple, is a famous Lord Shiva temple built during the 10th century. Lord Shiva is worshiped here as Lord Manjunatha or Lokeshwara. Below is the story of Dharmasthala Temple.

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Dharmasthala Temple Legend

The story of Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple is associated with Lord Shiva and the sixth avatar of Maha Vishnu, Lord Parasurama. Legend goes that Lord Parasurama, who lived in Sahyadri, killed the cruel Kshatriyas (warriors) and bestowed the lands to Kashyapa (a Hindu sage). He prayed Lord Shiva who promised Parasurama that if he performs a penance at Kadali (Kadri) Kshetra, then Lord Shiva would incarnate as Manjunatha for the well being of the world. Accordingly, Parasurama threw his axe into the sea and created a place for his penance.

Lord Shiva, who was pleased on Parasurama's penance, appeared before him as Manjunatha with his wife Goddess Parvati and resided at Kadri. It is said that according to the instructions of Lord Manjunatha, the Sapthakoti (Seven crore) Manthras became the seven sacred ponds.

Dharmasthala Temple is around 75 km from Mangalore and 300 km from Bangalore.

Story of Dharmasthala Temple Karnataka


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