Story of Kamakhya Temple Assam

Kamakhya Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Goddess Sati. This famous Goddess temple is situated atop the Nilachal hill (blue mountain) in Guwahati, Assam. Below is the story associated with Kamakhya Mandir is as follows. 

Legend has it that King Daksha once organized a sacrificial rite. He invited all the Gods and Goddesses except Lord Shiva, as his intention was to insult Mahadev. Goddess Sati, being the daughter of Daksha, attended the function uninvited. During the ritual, Daksha started speaking ill of Shiva. Unable to bear the insult, Sati immolated herself by jumping into the yagna fire. The furious Lord Shiva descended on Daksha and destroyed the sacrifice. With the dead body of the Sati Devi on his shoulders, he started the dance of destruction called Rudra Tandava. Lord Vishnu attempted to calm down Shiva and sent his chakra to cut Sati's dead body. The reproductive organ of Sati, the yoni, fell at the spot which is now the Kamakhya Temple. When the yoni fell on the hill, the hill turned blue and came to be known as Nilachal (Blue Mountain). It is said that the parts of Sati (Parvati) fell at different parts of the country and all the places were considered as the Shakti peeths, or the centers of power.

Kamakhya Temple Assam Shakti Peethas


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