Sleeping Vishnu Temple Kathmandu Nepal

Sleeping Vishnu Temple at Kathmandu, also known as Budhanilkantha Temple, is a popular Hindu temple in Nepal. Buddha Nilkantha Temple is famous for a 5 meter or 17 feet tall idol of sleeping Vishnu in the middle of a small pond. The 5th century Jalasayana sculpture of Vishnu represents the lord’s meditative sleep in the cosmic ocean on thousand headed Snake Anantha. 

The huge statue of Ananta Shahin Narayan at Budhanilkantha is carved out of single black stone. Mahavishnu is depicted as Chaturbhuja with Sudarsana Chakra, club, and conch-shell and lotus flower. 

Sleeping Vishnu Temple is located just 9 km north of Kathmandu.

Sleeping Vishnu Temple Budhanilkantha Kathmandu