Sreekanteswaram Temple Timings Rituals

Sreekanteswaram Temple in Trivandrum Timings and daily rituals. Sreekanteswaram is a famous Lord Shiva temple located situated around a km from Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India. Details of temple pooja and timings can be read below.

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Sreekanteswaram Temple Morning Pooja Details and Timings 

Palliyunarth, the traditional waking up of the Lord Shiva, is at 3.30 AM.

Abhishekam (pouring of paneer, ghee, oil and pure water from head to foot of the deity) starts at 4.20 AM.

Abhisekha Deeparadhana is at 5 AM.

Ganapathy Homam, a special ritual for Lord Ganesh, begins at 5.15 AM

Dhara (pouring of paneer and pure water on the main deity) starts at 7 AM

Ushapooja (morning pooja) is held at 7.40 AM  followed by taking the idol in procession (Shiveli) around the temple at 8.10 AM.

Another important pooja conducted at Sreekanteswaram Temple is the Pantheeradi Pooja, which means the time when the shadow of a person with normal height becomes 12 feet long. This is conducted at 8.30 AM.

Mrithyumjaya Homam, a common ritual in Shiva temples, is conducted here at 10.00 AM.

Ksheeradhara (pouring of milk from head-to-foot on the deity) held at 11.00 AM. Naivedyam is offered to Mahadeva after this.

Uchapooja (mid-day pooja) starts at 11.30 AM  followed by ‘Shiveli’ again at 11.45 AM.

The temple closes at 12 noon.

Sreekanteswaram Temple Trivandrum

Sreekanteswaram Temple Evening Pooja Details and Timings

Sreekanteswaram Shiva Temple opens for evening poojas at 5 PM.

In the evening, the idol of Nataraja (dancing form of Lord Shiva) is decorated with sandalwood paste and garlands and is kept behind the main deity.

Deeparadhana is conducted at 7 PM.

Athazha Pooja (the night pooja) is at 7.45 PM.

Athazha Sreebali is at 8.10 PM

Ardhayama Pooja at 8.25 PM

The temple closes for the day's darshan at 8.30 PM.


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