Important Festivals at Triprayar Rama Temple Kerala

Important Festivals in Triprayar Temple of Lord Rama. The temple is located near Irinjalakuda and is one of the most famous Lord Rama temples in Kerala. Thriprayar Sreerama Temple is one of the four Nalambalam Yatra Temples dedicated to the Rama brothers of Ramayana. 

Major Festivals at Triprayar Rama Temple

Triprayar Ekadashi in Vrischikam

Ekadashi falling in the month of Vrischikam (November - December) is celebrated as Thriprayar Ekadasi. The idol of Shasta is taken in procession on the preceding day (on Dasami day) of Ekadashi. On the Triprayar Ekadashi festival day, the procession of Rama is carried out, accompanied by 21 elephants and royal possessions. 

Pooram Festival in Meenam

Celebrated during the Malayalam month of Meenam (March - April), the festival lasts for seven days. It concludes on the Pooram naskhatram (the previous day of Pankuni Uthram in Tamilnadu). 

12 Days Arattu

This is a twelve-day festival, held during the Malayalam month of Vrishchikam. Highlight of the Triprayar Arattu festival is the performance of Angya Kootu, a local theater form. Episodes from epic Ramayana are enacted in the play.

Triprayar Rama Temple Festivals


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