Goddess Nila Devi Consort of Vishnu

Goddess Nila Devi (Neela Devi) is regarded as the third consort of Lord Vishnu. The names of the first two wives of Mahavishnu - Goddess Sri Devi and Goddess Bhu Devi - are familiar to everyone. Nila Devi is a less known deity but Veda sings the glory of Nila Devi in Nila Suktam. In Sri Vaikuntha or Paramdhama, Sri Devi is seated to the right of Lord Narayana, and Bhumi Devi and Nila Devi to the Lord’s left.

Nila Devi is more associated with the Sri Krishna avatar of Lord Vishnu. The importance of Niladevi is same as Bhumi Devi to Varaha avatar and Sita Devi to Rama avatar.

Goddess Nila Devi Consort of Vishnu Neela Devi
Lord Krishna wedding Nila Devi or Nappinnai
Legend has it that Nila Devi took the avatar as Nappinnai, the daughter of Kumbagan. He was the brother of Yashoda. Lord Krishna won her hand after conquering the seven ferocious bulls of Her father. In the Divya Prabandha of Alvars and Silappadikaram, the mentioning of Nappinnai can be found.