Narasimha Jayanti 2023 May 4 Nrsimha Jayanthi

Narasimha Jayanti 2023 is observed on May 4. Nrsimha Jayanthi is the day on which Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Lord Narasimha. The day is observed on the 14th day of Shukla Paksha in Vaisakha month. Lord Vishnu took the fierce “half lion – half man” form to destroy the demon king Hiranyakashipu and restore Dharma.

Narasimha Jayanti is observed on Lord Vishnu temples across the globe. Devotees fast on the day and special poojas are performed on this day. On temples which have a separate Narasimha shrine, abhishekas are conducted.

Narasimha Jayanti Nrsimha Jayanthi

Nrsimha Jayanthi reminds that God is omnipresent and will manifest in any form to save his devotees.


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