18 Vishnu Names Starting Alphabet B

List of 18 Vishnu Names Starting with Alphabet B. Mahavishnu names and meaning taken from Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotra. Those who are looking for meaningful names for their babies can use these Lord Vishnu Hindu names for boys.

1) Bhaavo - He who becomes all moving and non-moving things

2) Brahmee - One who is with Brahma

3) Brahmakrit - One who acts in Brahman

4) Bhoogarbhah - He who is the womb of the world/earth

5) Brahmavid - One who knows Brahman

6) Bhojanam - He who is the sense-objects, he who is the food to sense

7) Bhootaadih - The cause of the five great elements, cause of physical manifestation

8) Bhraajishnur - Self-effulgent consciousness

9) Bhartaa - He who governs the entire living world, he who sustains it

10) Brahmajno - One who knows the nature of Brahman

11) Bhoktaa - The enjoyer of sense objects

12) Brihad-roopah - He who has Vast, of gigantic dimensions

13) Bhaanuh - Self-effulgent, sun

14) Bheemah - The terrible,of gigantic tasks

15) Brahmanyah - Protector of Brahman

16) Brahma – Biggest

17) Brahmaa – Creator

18) Braahmanah - One who has realised Brahman

18 Vishnu Names Starting with Alphabet B


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