Holika Dahan 2022 March 17

Holika Dahan or Kamudu Pyre Festival is a great ritual conducted while celebrating the Holi festival. Holi is the traditional festival that celebrates the death of Holika and saving of Prahlad by Narayana or Mahavishnu. People light bonfires on the eve of Holi festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil and there will be singing and dancing around the bonfire. The next day of Holika dahan is the most colorful festival in the world, the Holi!

Holika Dahan 2022

In 2022, Holika Dahan is celebrated on 17 March. 

Holi Festival

Holi is the festival of colours. It is celebrated on the next day of Holika Dahan. This year Holi is celebrated on 18 March. People play with colors and there will be singing and dancing. It is the time of fun and joy in each part of the country.

Kamudu Pyre Festival Holika Dahan

Holi Legends

Holi is associated with many legends. One of the famous legend is the story of Holika and Prahlad. Prahlad, the son of demon king Hiranyakashipu was a fervent devotee of Lord Vishnu. The king was piqued at this devotion and asked his sister Holika - who was booned by the Lord Brahma for never being harmed by fire, to sit on fire with Prahalad on her lap. According to his father's wish Prahlad sat on the fire chanting Vishnu mantra. As soon as the fire was roared, the crowd was astonished to see Holika burning and Prahlad saved.

Holi festival is also known as Rang Panchami. Rangpanchami, is colorfully celebrated on the fifth day after full moon. During Rangpanchami people drench each other with colored water and colored powder.


  1. Prahlad who worships Lord in all day to day activities like drinking water or eating food or playing or whatever the act may be, he cheats or worships lord always. The greatness of doing so will not be touched by fire or air or Panchabhutas.


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