Gop Sun Temple Zinavari Jamjodhpur Gujarat

Gop Temple is a 6th century Sun temple located at Zinavari village in Jamjodhpur, Gujarat. This is one of the earliest surviving stone temple in Gujarat. The shrine is about 10 feet 9 inches square from inside. Gop Sun Temple is located on the bank of Vartu river and south-west of the Gop hill of Barda Hills. 

Gop Temple has a square shrine surrounded by double courtyards. Of two courtyards, the inner courtyard is mostly broken. There are two figures of deities in yellow stone inside the shrine. It cannot be decided who they exactly are. They are locally known as Rama and Lakshamana. The Ram figure has high square Mukuta and Lakshamana has low crown, long earrings, ringlets and holds spear in right hand. The figures are identified as Lord Vishnu and Lord Skandha by some historians. Some believe that it was dedicated to Lord Surya. The location is connected with Shivaism also. 

Gop Sun Temple Jamjodhpur Gujarat

There is a temple dedicated to Shiva known as Gopeshwar or Gopnath situated on the top of the hill. The temple is an unusual architectural variation on the Nagara style. It has resemblances with early Dravidian temples. It also have similarities with temples of Kashmir.


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