Shandilya rishi son of Sage Asita

Shandilya or Sandilya, son of sage Asita, was one of the prominent rishis in Hinduism. Those who are having the Sandilya gotra, are the descendants of Sri Shandilya Maharishi. Most of the people belonging to West Bengal, Assam, Maharashtra, Punjab and Gujarat are considered as the descendants of Shandilya. Shandilya was the grandson of the rishi Kashyapa and the great disciple of Vaatsya rishi. He also trained in Vedas under the great rishis: Kaushika, Gautama Maharishi and Kushri.  His disciples were Kaundinya, Agnivesa, and Bharadwaj.  He has composed the famous Shandilya Upanishad. 

Shandilya rishi son of Sage Asita

According to the Bhagavata Purana, he has cleared certain spiritual doubts of King Parikshit of Hastinapura during the previous dwapara yuga. Rishi Shandilya lived at his ashram in the Sarada forest, at a village in the present day Kashmir. Goddess Sarada, a form of Mata Parvati, is said to have given her divine appearance to him, due to his severe penance on her, and blessed him and gave him more spiritual powers.  There is also a temple dedicated for Mata Sharada in that place.


He contains great spiritual powers, and through that, he has helped lot of common people, by relieving them from their physical and mental diseases, and given them more confidence and courage. He was also good at yoga and meditation, and shared his spiritual knowledge with others. He was a good, and a kind hearted person, who also provided food to the poor people, during the drought season. He has lived for the welfare of the people, and done good things to them throughout in his life, and after his death, he reached heaven, and happily living there.

Let us worship the great rishi Shandilya and be blessed.



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