Karni Mata Temple - Rat Temple Bikaner, Rajasthan

Karni Mata Temple or Rat Temple is located near Bikaner of Rajasthan, India. The Primary deity worshipped here is Karni Mata, an incarnation of Goddess Durga. 

White Rats in Bikaner Karni Mata Temple

This temple is famous for a large number of black rats running around the temple without any fear. During aarti time, these rats are offered sweets and grains by the devotees. Besides thousands of black rats, there are a few white rats. Seeing these white rats are considered to be holy and lucky. They are believed to be the manifestations of Karni Mata herself and her four sons. These rats are also known as Kabas. 

Karni Mata Temple Rat Temple Bikaner Rajasthan

Karni Mata Temple Festivals

The main festival celebrated in this temple is Karni Mata Fair. The festival is held twice a year; one in the month of March-April and another in the month of September- October. During these seasons the number of devotees visiting the temple increases than usual. 

During Navratri season also thousands of people comes here to pay their offerings to Mata. The nearest railway head is Deshnok Railway Station. The nearest airport is Bikaner Airport. The temple is well connected by means of road, rail and air. Tourists autos, cabs, taxis to reach the temple.

Address: Karni Mata Niji Pranyas, Deshnoke, Rajasthan 334801, India


  1. Yes Truly Powerful Godess for Rajput families.I Qe are blessed with Darsan of MAA.A REAL EXP OF RATS MOVING AROUNDALL OVER CAUSING NO PANIC OR IASUEA QITH DEVOTEES.


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