Hindu Mantra for Removing Bad Karma

Here is one powerful Mantra for Removing Bad Karma. Is there any Hindu mantra which helps to remove bad karma? If so what are the mantras to eradicate great sins? This is one of the main questions asked by thousands of devotees. 

 Before we post the mantra to get rid of bad karma, let us have a look at the theory of Karma as stated in Bhagavad Gita. According to Hindu scriptures, the theory of Karma is related to the concept of "re-birth" in Hinduism. It is believed that our deeds in our past life has great affect in our present life. For instance, take an example of two children - one born in an affluent family and one born in a poor family. The first one enjoys all happiness while the second child lives in difficulties and pains. How come these children's life has so much difference when they are yet to do any Karma? The fact is so simple, what one does in past life results in his/her sufferings/well being in rebirth. Only good deeds will help us remove all our bad karma in present or past lives. Doing good to people around us and chanting powerful mantras will surely help to eradicate our past sins. 

 Below is one Mantra for Removing Bad Karma 

Atri Putro Mahaa TejA Dattatreyo Mahaamunihi 

Tasya Smarana Maatrena Sarva Paapaihi Pramucchyathe 

This powerful Guru Dattatreya mantra helps to remove the pain and sufferings from past life. Chant this mantra daily for 108 times and seek the blessings of Guru Dattatreya

Hindu Mantra for Removing Bad Karma

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