Gupteswar Cave Temple Kathakhunta Odisha

Gupteswar Cave Temple is a popular Lord Shiva temple located at Koraput in Odisha, India. The cave shrine is a notable pilgrim site situated about 55 km from Jeypore and 80 km from Koraput. The temple houses a huge Shiva Linga which is said to be increasing in size. 

Gupteswar Cave is believed to be discovered by Rama and re-discovered in the reign of Maharajah Veer Vikram Dev. One have to climb 200 steps to reach to the Shiva Linga Cave Temple. 

Gupteswar Cave Temple Kathakhunta Odisha

Pilgrims from all over the country come here during the Sravana period. The yearly BolBom yatra is held at this place. Devotees walk to the Gupteshwar during BolBom yatra. They will take bathe in the Maha Kund and then chant near the Shiva Linga. 

People suffering from incurable diseases come here and remain here for months in the hope of getting cured. The temple is well-connected by means of road, rail and air transportations. 


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