Bhadra Maruti Temple Khuldabad Hanuman idol in reclining posture

Bhadra Maruti Temple is a Hindu temple located at Khuldabad near Aurangabad in Maharashtra, India. The primary deity worshipped here is Lord Bhadra Maruti, a form of Lord Hanuman. Here the idol of Hanumanji is portrayed in a reclining or sleeping posture. This is one of only three places where Hanuman is represented in a sleeping posture. 

It is said that a noble King named Bhadrasena, an ardent devotee of Rama used to sing songs in His praise. One day Hanumanji descended in the place, listening to these songs. He was enchanted and without his knowledge took a reclining posture before the King. The King requested Hanumanji to reside here forever and bless his and Lord Rama’s devotees. 

Bhadra Maruti Temple Khuldabad Hanuman idol in reclining position

This temple is located near Ellora caves. Hanuman Jayanti and Ram Navami are the main festivals celebrated here.


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